Dear Guests,

As MER-CAN STORY APART HOTEL, our priority has always been the safety of our guests and employees. As we transition to the normalization phase and resume tourism-related activities, we have implemented additional measures and protocols to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. These measures reinforce our strict hygiene and health protection standards.

All the measures taken in our hotel have been prepared in accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. The certification requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are meticulously fulfilled.

Health and safety protocols will be implemented by all of our staff. In this situation, we provide you with all the details about the measures we have taken against the Covid-19 virus below.



• During check-in, the body temperature of our guests is measured and recorded in the Hotel operating system and/or camera recording system during the pandemic /at least 3 months, and the entrance procedures are carried out in accordance with the determined standards.

• During check-in and while staying in our hotel, our guests have stated that the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health protocols are implemented; Our guests who show the relevant symptoms are directed to the health institutions by taking the necessary precautions.

• During check-in to the hotel for our guests the Republic of Turkey Culture and the Ministry of Tourism fill out a form containing questions that have requested; Written information is given about the precautions and practices taken at the hotel.

• Social distance measures have been taken in order not to experience intensity during check-in and check-out procedures and physical conditions have been rearranged accordingly.

• All relevant devices and materials used by our guests in the entrance and exit processes are disinfected after each use.

• Bellboy service is not provided. In line with our guest's own request; When entering the hotel, the suitcases are delivered to the room doors of our guests in a safe manner within the framework of the necessary hygiene rules. During the exit from the hotel, the suitcases are taken from the room door and left to the guests' vehicles.



Surfaces that are frequently touched, such as door handles, handrails, electric switches, and POS devices, are frequently cleaned with disinfectant and traceability records are kept.

• We ask you to use masks in all public areas (reception, restaurant, bar, pool, beach and parking area).

• We kindly ask you to follow the social distance rules determined in all public areas (reception, restaurant, bar, pool, beach and parking lot).

• The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the general areas in our hotel has been increased.

• All areas and surfaces that our guests come into contact with are frequently disinfected.

• Alcohol-based hand sanitizer or disinfectant is placed in the places where our service units are located.

• In all closed areas in our hotel, hygiene is provided by the ULV device spraying method.



• The cleaning of guest rooms is performed by the housekeeping team, who have received special training on the issue, using single-use gloves and masks and cleaning and disinfection chemicals approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

• All surfaces contacted, including the telephone, remote control, kettle and items such as door/window handles, are disinfected with high-level disinfection during and after the accommodation of the guest.

• Besides usual cleaning, we also disinfect the materials and equipment to be used by guests in rooms before each use.

• During the routine cleaning in your rooms, windows and balcony doors are opened to provide ventilation.

• We maintain our air conditioners with hydrogen peroxide and disinfect their filters.



• The cleaning and hygiene of the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of equipment and tools used in the kitchen, countertops and storages is regularly ensured. Hygiene barriers, sterilization devices, and necessary tools and equipment for hand and body hygiene are available in the raw material and product transfers to the food production sections and in the kitchen section. Only employees assigned to kitchen sections are permitted to enter those areas.

• All food is stored covered or in closed cabinets.

• Attention is paid to the use of uniforms, personal protective equipment and the personal hygiene of the kitchen staff during their work.

• Your temperature is measured at the entrance to the restaurant and bar area of our hotel.

• All common areas have been arranged in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Necessary measures have been taken regarding social distancing and the required markings have been set up. A limited number of guests are accepted in accordance with these guidelines to protect your health.

• Hand sanitizers are available at the entrances of restaurant, pool, bar and at the beach. Guests are informed of restaurant capacities at the entrances. Please do not make changes regarding the table, chair and seating arrangements in the common areas (reception, restaurant, bar, pool, beach).

• General cleaning of our food and beverage units, and items such as tables, chairs, strollers, buffets, etc. are disinfected with ozone devices at the beginning and the end of each service.

• Sets that consist of a fork, knife, spoon and disposable salt, pepper and hygiene tissues are placed on the table after guests are seated.



• Disinfectant rates of pools are followed in accordance with criteria determined by the legislation. The pools are disinfected with chemicals distributed by automatic dosing pumps in accordance with legal parameters. The values are recorded daily displayed on the boards near the treated pool, visible to guests.  The chlorine level is maintained between 1-3 ppm in outdoor pools.

• Social distancing rules and the number of users will be considered in the swimming pool and beach throughout the hotel.

• The distances between sunbeds and seating groups on the beach and poolside have been rearranged in accordance with social distancing rules.

• Beach and pool towels are offered for your use in sealed bags by our staff.



• Our employees’ legally required medical tests are followed periodically and regularly. Periodic information is received from the relevant employee for monitoring groups of co-habiting employees in terms of Covid-19.

• The rules and recommendations of all official institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, regarding Covid-19 have been added to our current hygiene training programs. All our employees are specially trained in pandemic and hygiene measures.

• All of our employees (in accordance with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and the official decision of the authority) uses masks and related protective equipment. The use of this equipment is monitored and daily cleaning and hygiene of uniforms is ensured.

• There are sufficient disinfection units in the common staff areas and these areas have been rearranged according to social distance rules.

• The temperatures of the employees, suppliers and service providers who arrive at our facility are measured and this data is recorded.



The Safe Tourism Certification Program implemented by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism allows guests who are diagnosed with, exhibit symptoms of or suspected to have COVID-19 during their stay at certified hotel to enjoy their accommodation by staying in an isolation room at the hotel provided that they accept the conditions below.

• In case a guest, a family member or companions who share the same room with the guest are diagnosed with COVID-19 during his/her/their stay for any reason, this guest or these guests shall stay in the isolation room designated by the hotel, shall not leave his/her/their room and shall not accept outside visitors.

• Family members or companions of the guest who are diagnosed with COVID-19 shall also stay in isolation rooms. Those under the guest’s parenthood/guardianship shall also stay in the isolation room, and it shall be the guest’s responsibility to ensure that he/she/they do not leave the isolation room.

• Room and housekeeping services shall be provided to the guest, his/her family members or companions who are diagnosed with COVID-19, in accordance with the accommodation contract for the time period specified in the contract.

• In the event that a guest is isolated following a diagnosis of COVID-19, the conditions of the accommodation contract signed by the guest can be extended and the guest may be subject to additional charges due to the isolation rooms that will be provided in addition to the accommodation contract.